Wednesday 6 May 2020

Winthorpe's Mystery Lane was Found!

Gentle sort of run today, where I set off with one destination in mind, and ended up at a completely different one.

I was supposed to just to loop around the river, but ended up running all the way along the river, past such attractive landmarks as the sewage farm, to Winthorpe where I hoped to film house martins at the station cottage.

Sadly, they haven't arrived yet to nest, although my flat was being loudly being strafed by swifts this morning; 6 of them were giving it some low level flying around the houses which was very pleasing to see.

Winthorpe has a mystery lane I've enver explored, and today I took it. It was a gnat filled path by a brook, leading to a large open field. Not exactly mega terra nova, but it did lead me to near where I work so I was able to see how my wildflower meadow was coming along.

Not too badly as it turned out. Bees are now visiting.


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  1. That sparkling white house/pub? and the road around it all looks too good to be true - so neat and tidy and well cared for.

  2. Amazing your wildlife garden. Well done.