Sunday 3 May 2020

A Splotchy Ladybird

Back to walking today, and a fairly standard Boris Walk route today, basically all the day to one end of town, and back up to the other along the river.

This seemed to be a popular choice of route today, quite a few folk out walking, in a socially distanced way, although having to vacate a pavement for a guy on one of those daft motorised single wheel devices was very annoying.

Nature-wise I still haven't seen any swifts; they are obviously snubbing this town, as they have now been reported virtually everywhere else in the county. Cheeky things!

Only insects I saw today were to 7 spotted lady birds within inches of each other on flowering nettle. Same species, but rather different as one of ladybirds had had a malfunction with its spot-maker, leaving it looking rather splotchy.

Like me after attempting to paint anything.


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