Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Unbelievably Late Buzzers

Obviously I've had plenty of time to walk around in the last few days, although it took me a few days to feel able to start taking photographs again.

Aside from the flooding, which although alarming looking is nothing compared to the great floods of 2001 where the entire Riverside Park was underwater and The Barge pub ended up 50 metres off shore, is the appearance of bees in mid November.

Although most pollinator friendly plants are long past flowering, there are still the odd patches of verbena or lavender in bloom, and it was on lavender in a tiny front garden - more like a window box - where I found some very active bees on a sunny day this week.

They were too fast moving to photograph easily, but I got a couple of snaps, and seeing them brought me great joy.


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Sunday, 10 November 2019

More Newark Flooding

Back in the game.

We've had a lot of rain - no shit Sherlock! - and although we haven't been hit as badly as other towns a little further North, we have been a bit soggy in town again, which I've walked around photographing like any good rubbernecker should.

Our poor cricket ground is still underwater on the wrong side of the flood bank, with the only action being Jonathan Livingstone Seagull opening the bowling from the scorebox end. A lot of firework displays were lost, including the major rugby club one.

So, now the sad explanation for my absence. We lost mum last weekend in the early hours of Sunday, after her blood pressure had a sudden decline and caused kidney failure. Obviously this was devastating to our little family, and I'm just about hanging on in trying to make good things come from this situation.


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Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Autumn Skies

The first frosts are now upon us, and my rather daft looking neck tube snood thingy has now been broken out. The winter gloves will have to be worn tomorrow, my hands were cold in the ordinary ones.

We've had a day of occasional showers and broken rainbows, and in work I've been printing out posters of two metre high zombies. Don't ask. I was out in the rain, and finding it quite refreshing actually, my aforementioned new jacket is pretty warm.

I should have been running tonight, but I had too much pasta for tea and so I've been geeking out on Star Trek Voyager instead while waiting for Autumnwatch, where Chris Packham has an enviable bright green padded jacket.


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Monday, 28 October 2019

The Levee has Broken

Although we have had a couple of days without rain, the hills were The Trent rises are still saturated, and the run off has still continued to cause the river in town to rise further. And rather inevitably this has led to our cricket ground getting flooded again.

The message came through this afternoon that help was needed at the ground to move equipment and other material into a safe location as apparently the water was rising fast. So, I biked down, noticing that in town the river was over its banks at the barge pub, and a few inches of going over into Riverside Park.

The flood defence rises about two metres next to the ground, which is on the far side of it, and when I crossed it, I realised that a boat was needed to get me to the pavilion. The lane was blocked by about 20cm of water, the ground was completely underwater, and the water was about to enter the pavilion.

Without wellies or waders, which I don't have, I was completely hopeless. Luckily our groundsman, made of much tougher material than I, was already down there surreally driving tractor mowers through the water and up onto the top of the defences in trackies and a pair of trainers. Another stalwart with wellies arrived to help, and I decided the only thing I could do was keep on eye on the mowers until they finished in the pavilion.

I suppose it is better it happens at this time of year than in Spring, although our club fireworks display and bonfire look like they might be needed to be held on a raft.

If I went to music festivals I would have had wellies I suppose.


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Sunday, 27 October 2019

The Power of the River

Today has actually been a pleasant enough day, warm enough in the sun once it had got high enough to take the morning chill out of the air; and it was cold this morning. I've been out and about of course, sat having tea in the park in my woolly hat, my walking route blocked by a flooded River Devon.

The Trent is well over its banks by the marina, and large numbers of waterfowl are loving this on the flooded fields on the other side.

The castle stretch is still about a metre below the edge, but the power of the water flowing  along the reach is formidable. A couple of folk in kayaks were labouring against it today, as large bits of tree were swept past them. Anyone falling in would have had no chance without a life jacket, and not a good chance with one I reckon.

They would have been brained against the bridge!


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Saturday, 26 October 2019


Today has been a filthy wet cold day, one during which anyone sane should have stayed in all day and re-arranged their sock drawers or whatever it is people do when they are inside.

To be fair, I spent most of it inside too, tired after the working week, but I still went out for a couple of hours, stupidly not wearing a hat so I ended up with a cold, dripping head. And an Aldi cycling jersey I can use for winter running as well.

Walking along the far side of the river I wondered why there was a few people just standing by a large puddle in the path. It turned out that the town's swan family, presumably not liking the flooded fast flowing river, had moved onto dry land and where harassing folk with shopping bags, presumably associating these with bread carrying swan feeders.

Very gallantly, a chap ahead of me walked them across the obstruction, keeping himself between the swans and the walkers. Me, I carefully followed them, getting hissed at by a cygnet who thought my new top might have been a loaf of stale Hovis.

After this, I had a nice hour in the gaming cafe reading the nerdy magazines and drinking tea. Not too bad a day really.


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Friday, 25 October 2019

Random Flowers Random Skies

The weather has been wet as hell the last few days, and really there's no reason to do anything other than hide from it. Apart from outdoor lovers like me who wait for gaps in the nearly endless matte grey clouds to go outside and have a look at what's out there.

There's still wasps around in the brighter interludes, but not much of anything else. Even the workplace cat has disappeared, and the rats aren't showing either. You'd think minus cat, we would be plus rats, but no.

As I type this I'm listening to LCD Soundsystem and trying to be electronically cool at the age of 47. I'm going to get back to my sketching and cartooning, if I can get the enthusiasm together. It requires a bit more effort than running and walking, strangely. I'm also doing plenty of reading, I avergage maybe 25 books a year.

I also want to see if I can pick up a basic small telescope to some more detailed astro observations than with my binoculars and try and do some photography with it.

Feel rather bloated!


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