Saturday, 17 March 2018

Blizzarding Nature


It's been really wild today, if luckily not in such sustained bursts as we had during the other "Beast from the East". All day there have been half hour blizzard periods, with a hailstorm thrown in, and the fierce wind has been blowing spindrift all around the place even when the gods turned the snow off.

As I write this, rather pathetically watching Casualty on my own, it is still falling and settling.

I've been out for a couple of walks today, and my face feels rather sandblasted, but even in the cold I always enjoy it. The flowers are wearing white caps, shivering in the breeze, and the small birds are hiding away. Even a cormorant was finding that the water was too cold, and decided to merely watch the choppy surface of London Road pond rather than fish. A fleet of ducks sailed in the distance on the Blue Lake but it was so wild I couldn't tell if they were goosander or not.

The black headed gulls tried to huddle round the lee of the peninsula in the lake, to avoid their feathery decks getting swamped.

The glory of the snows now had some snow to be glorious in, but they weren't looking particularly pleased.


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Friday, 16 March 2018

Dog People

We have been doing a lot of charity work this week, in my own Tourettic and so slightly (very) chaotic style I have been raising money for the local guide dogs group.

This involved lots of people dressing as a guide dog. Luckily not me, I would melted and the suit would have to have been disinfected. Even trying the head on was boiling. So I am eternally grateful to the four people who wore it yesterday between  10am and 4am.

We had some real guide dogs too!


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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The Crow Road

I've had a fairly non riveting day at work today, involving as it did sorting out our inventory and recording serial numbers of everything. Still, creating a new spreadsheet of 60 or so entries did give me a feeling of having achieved something.

Although my current task of trying to sort out an irritating issue with my spacebar on my Chromebook is even less thrilling. Maybe it's just down to me being a rubbish typist rather than anything else.

I did manage to get outside for a bit today, a quick ten minutes away from my desk to avoid  the setting in of cabin  fever. I watched a very noisy blue tit by my little herb garden. I looked at shafts of sun piercing the clouds.

And I watched one of the bold as brass carrion crows that live on campus, making its way among  the cars looking for discarded sandwiches, chips and the other discarded detritus you find at a large workplace like ours. I've seen a single bread crust lead to a mighty three way tug of war between these smart and successful birds.

They are always watching you though. Trying to figure you out. Wondering when they are going to go the full Hitchcock and take over the world.


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Monday, 12 March 2018

Cat, Fox or Sparrowhawk

After the rather spring like Saturday we had, things seemed to fall away a  little bit on Sunday, and today has just been non stop rain seemingly since midnight. It really hasn't been go outside weather at all. I did spend two hours doing cricket practice indoors however, and my left ankle is really hating me today.

My pictures come from a walk around the park yesterday, and a grisly crime scene where a pigeon had met a very sticky - and messy - end at the hand of something. Whenever I  see a bird meeting an end in this way, I always wonder who the culprit was. Cat most likely, then sparrowhawk, then fox maybe?

Experts in animal crime, let me know!


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Saturday, 10 March 2018

More Crocus Carpets

Very tired again after a week of illness and early starts, so yet again Saturday plans for adventure never came to pass because of sleepiness.

I did however got a short walk in, and 6.5km run through the cemetery, where primroses have now emerged as well in their usual spot. The snowdrops are dying. but the crocus carpet now looks spectacular.

Glory of the snow is now coming through here as well as in Friary Gardens. Every year it all repeats, yet I love watching the spring plants cycle through.


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Friday, 9 March 2018

Grounds for Grounds

Just a short post tonight; the birds have been very busy on the works feeders today, and I noticed a long tailed tit gathering nesting material from the roof of an ugly little electrically related shed on our site.

It's been pretty mild today after a frosty start, but there haven't been any insects at work, at work. Lots of rabbits out to play however, some rather frisky looking ones at that.

Happy to report we have new environmental initiative on campus. The canteens are giving away their used coffee grounds to gardeners as fertiliser. Apparently at our business this would save 6.7 tons of landfill a year, and lock away greenhouse gases.

I grabbed a bag for my stepfather. Think I'll get some for the Polish lady next door who tends to a veritable jungle!


Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Striking Clouds

Well, I've very much gone down with a heavy cold after all that resistance sapping exposure to cold weather last week. As ever, the acheyness and heavy headedness recedes a little after a couple of days, to be replaced with a near paralyzing cough. I have had severe coughs on average twice a year ever since I can remember, right back into childhood.

I have no idea why they get so bad.

Luckily when I do rhythmic exercise it doesn't seemso bad - I'm okwhen I'm cycling for real or on the trainer. However, as soon as I stop I sound like  a 19th century TB sanitarium.

Work has therefore been a pretty embarrassing experience, as folk can hear me coughing nearly all the time, even if I go and hide outside. But, as ever, I made it through the day, a day where I watched buzzards from the office window, and behind them a small echelon of pink footed geese heading NE< migrating home to breed.

Oh, and some great cloudscapes.


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