Saturday 29 February 2020

A Fresh Dose of Blossom

Another weekend, more flooding, another storm. Jorge is busy whipping through the Midlands, as I type this my plants outside are preparing for another few hours of being knocked over in their pots.

At least the new blossom hasn't been blown off the trees, although the magnolia pods are being blown off the branches and lying on the floor, looking like the sort of furry testicles contestants on "I'm a Celebrity" have to eat.

I haven't got the heart to visit our cricket ground, but the River Devon has burst its banks for the millionth time this winter and you can see where the park runners have been diverted to avoid going waist deep in the floods; their footprints have churned up the paths in different parts of the park. I wish I could be doing that again but I'm always shattered on Saturday, and I'm worried about my knees and hip.

I noticed last evening that the Blackbirds have started singing deep into the dusk, one was giving a real blast last night somewhere near my garden.

Still haven't seen any bees, but as soon as we get warmer weather they will be out chaffing away, not to mention some chiffing as well.

When that happens, and the first brimstones fly, we will know that Spring has begun.


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Thursday 27 February 2020

Celestial Bodies

Lovely close approach of Venus and the crescent Moon tonight, dominating the skies as I rode home and then went shopping later on.

The only thing other than the moon you will see at night that is brighter than Venus, is a supernova. Remember that. You never know when it may happen.

The building works at the old Robin Hood Hotel have required the arrival of a crane, that oerlooks my garden like one of the sinister Deceptacons from the Transformers movies.


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Tuesday 25 February 2020

Different Flavours of Crocus

So, I have found for you the four basic colours of crocus that are to be found in Newark Cemetery, opening up now in all their  glory but no early bees feeding off them in these winds.

Bees are a little late for me this year, I've usually seen the first brave buzzers around mid February the last couple of years. They are about the only things I've seen round here that appear to be late this spring.

I wonder what the flavour of a crocus really is. The squirrels certainly enjoy eating them; the shy little fellow in the below pictures I caught red handed in the act of nabbing a purple one and scooting up a tree.


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Saturday 22 February 2020

The Formerly Flooded Farndon

Determined not to waste a Saturday despite a strong breeze as the latest somewhat milder storm blew through, I headed off for Farndon after doing such exciting things as buying a new kettle and toaster.

Living it large eh?

Earlier in the week the Trent at Farndon had burst its banks and flooded right up to the Wyke Lane, leaving the Boathouse pub literally that, although they still let in customers through the back door.

The flood waters however have receded pretty quickly, and now only the Willow Holt nature reserve is still underwater really, which it often is in winter anyway being very low lying. Wyke Lane was blocked though so I had to divert round.

There's still plenty of flowers on view; the verges are full of snowdrops albeit a bit past their best, and the little green by the pub is covered in crocuses. Every so often a few geese flew by, in the opposite directions to the stubby cormorants who always remind me of Star Wars X wing fighters in flight, and are deadlier even than them to fish.


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Friday 21 February 2020

The Cemetery is Carpeted

It's becoming the most beautiful time of the year at the cemetery. The crocuses really have now carpeted the ground in purple and white blooms. Goosander and mandarin are on the lake.

My Tourettes has been savage this week, too many horrible things happening in the news and it absolutely causes my brain to fry sometimes.

Hopefully a calm weekend awaits.


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Tuesday 18 February 2020

Aaaaand we're Under Water Again

These are pictures I took yesterday of a swollen, near raging River Trent flowing through the town.

It's gotten considerably worse overnight; the river has hit a level at Farndon of 2.6m which is just a little bit down on the all time record of 2.76m and we are reaching the levels of flooding we had back in 2000.

Our cricket ground is well and truly drowning, as is the rugby club, the sugar factory and the caravan site at Smeatons lakes. Gunthorpe is cut off.

As someone said in the media today, we have now had 3 sets of "once in a lifetime" flooding in 14 years in some parts of the country. So there's something to think about.

I've also been thinking a lot of by various neuro issues today; my tics have been really bad at times, caused by the usual fixated thinking causing internal stress. The usual internal debate about which symptoms are Tourettes, and which are Autism.

It's a lot to think about.


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Sunday 16 February 2020

Into the Nets

The weather has been filthy today, although the Dennis winds didn't reach the strength of Ciara's, the rain has been much much heavier; it rained solidly from about 9pm last night to 4pm today.

So, I haven't been out walking today. Only to cricket nets.

It's my third net session of the year, and now my hip isn't causing so much of a problem, my knee is often very sore when I'm bowling so feel I need to get a knee brace for next week as well as some new batting gloves; mine are suddenly full of holes!

I love going to nets; I love bowling, which I'm just about OK at, and I love batting, which in my case is rather awful usually. I'm not sure how much it improves my game, I'm one of those people who can never do as well in matches as I do in nets, especially at batting.

What also makes me rather happy about winter nets is that the first team fast bowlers don't really turn up. I have no wish to end up with ruptured testicles again. We mainly have lower team players and juniors, and now also our new ladies section, some of whom hit the ball further than I do.

Today, it was all reasonably ok, bowled ok if a bit short, batted ok although occasionally my patience lapsed and I had a big, and hopeless, yahoo against the spinners. But I enjoyed it, I always do.


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