Saturday 30 November 2019

Into the Mist

It's Black Friday weekend, which means I'm on call and go into work in order to give out sweets and treats to the pickers and packers and try and nail a smile to my face against all my introverted impulses.

It wasn't too bad though, actually receiving thanks for giving folk a couple of Malteaser Celebrations was actually quite helpful, although there were a few greedy sorts around wanting too many bananas or helping themselves to too many lollipops.

The main issue today has been cycling today in the freezing fog that has enveloped the town overnight, it really wasn't much fun at all and I refused to work past 3pm when the light begins to go. I did however go for a quick walk round town to photograph the sights, or milky opaque lack of them.

There is the film "The Mist" where the inhabitants of a small midwest town in the USA find themselves, menaced by mysterious and terrifying monsters that have come across the dimensions into a thick fog. The townsfolk hold up in a supermarket, but eventually a few of them a run for it, out into the mist...

Well walking  along the river today was just like that, the possibility of a creature rising  up from the water and sweeping me beneath with a meaty tentacle ever present.

Of course it didn't happen, but it's fun to lose yourself in imagination...


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Tuesday 26 November 2019

The Lights go on, Night and Day

Life goes on, the Christmas lights go on on. It comes around every year, the day when the market square is filled with stalls and music and stands selling luminous spinning thingies, and every year I go and have a look around and miss the fireworks.

Well this year I didn't, as in my new flat all I had to do was go out onto the street and watch the various fusillades being launched into the sky and filling the sky with orangey smog and the smell of sulfur.

It was actually quite impressive, wasteful though the virtuous side of my brain thinks fireworks to be, and the whole day seems to have been very successful judging by the crowds.

I'm starting to try and do a bit more running again after the last few weeks, managed a 32 minute 5km yesterday which is hardly earth shattering but still felt decent, and every night I jump on the exercise bike while watching youtube videos.

I'm not sure what else to do at the moment.


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Saturday 23 November 2019

Zoo Trip Revisited

All my pictures recently are essentially grey green and brown, there is barely a scrap of colour to be seen anywhere, and I thought it was better to go back to a happier and more colourful time when my sister and I visited Bristol Zoo.

It was a beautiful warm April day, the zoo and the animals were lovely, and my sister and I ate burgers and had ice creams in the sun. The seals performed, the penguins swam and the big silverback gorilla sat with his back to everyone who wanted a picture like the big boss he was.

It was mum's funeral, or cremation rather, on Wednesday. It was at least a bright, but cold day, and it was well attended. It was very comforting that entirely accidentally the woman who gave the service was a very close school friend of mine I hadn't seen for nearly 30 years and knew my mother a little.

Now I see how to make positive things come from this awful time.


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Wednesday 13 November 2019

Unbelievably Late Buzzers

Obviously I've had plenty of time to walk around in the last few days, although it took me a few days to feel able to start taking photographs again.

Aside from the flooding, which although alarming looking is nothing compared to the great floods of 2001 where the entire Riverside Park was underwater and The Barge pub ended up 50 metres off shore, is the appearance of bees in mid November.

Although most pollinator friendly plants are long past flowering, there are still the odd patches of verbena or lavender in bloom, and it was on lavender in a tiny front garden - more like a window box - where I found some very active bees on a sunny day this week.

They were too fast moving to photograph easily, but I got a couple of snaps, and seeing them brought me great joy.


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Sunday 10 November 2019

More Newark Flooding

Back in the game.

We've had a lot of rain - no shit Sherlock! - and although we haven't been hit as badly as other towns a little further North, we have been a bit soggy in town again, which I've walked around photographing like any good rubbernecker should.

Our poor cricket ground is still underwater on the wrong side of the flood bank, with the only action being Jonathan Livingstone Seagull opening the bowling from the scorebox end. A lot of firework displays were lost, including the major rugby club one.

So, now the sad explanation for my absence. We lost mum last weekend in the early hours of Sunday, after her blood pressure had a sudden decline and caused kidney failure. Obviously this was devastating to our little family, and I'm just about hanging on in trying to make good things come from this situation.


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