Wednesday 13 May 2020

A Nesting Treecreeper!

Well has anyone else taken the opportunity to get outside twice today, or even three times if you were being really wild? Have you felt the chains of repression fall away?

Well, not really, but I have had a walk AND a run today, although my photos are all from the walk around the park this morning. It's getting wonderfully wild in Devon Pastures and the various other settings in the park, and I was excited to see three grey wagtails on the Devon's far bank, a bird I don't recall seeing in the park before.

But better than that, I saw a flash of white going into a crack in the trunk of one of the willow trees on the bank, and watched patiently to see what emerged.

As I thought, it was the treecreeper I've seen with nesting material in its beak before. It's evidently found a home, and I was able to get a couple of pictures of it doing a bit of skulking on the trunk, which was really pleasing.

Despite the cool day, I did manage to find three species of bumble at work - a common carder on a conker candle, a tree bumble on its favourite ceonothus, and lots of white/buff tailed bumbles on a garden shrub.

I think the swifts we had in town last week were just transients, because I haven't seen any for a few days. Wonder when the actual town swifts will return to breed.


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  1. Lovely photos of the treecreeper and bumble bees! Cute little pony. Hope your local swifts return soon. i saw a swift going into a nest hole the other day, but otherwise I've seen few here since their early arrival.

  2. No wonder I've never seen a Treecreeper! Brilliant photos - thank you

  3. Well spotted, Sir! Not easy nests to find, in fact I haven't seen many tree-creepers in the last few years, something I put down to my ageing eyeballs.

  4. We always had a tree creeper nesting in the pine trees when I lived on the farm. Their camouflage is so good that they are not easy to see unless you happen to be looking when they move. Like your shots of bees - I noticed my wall flowers are alive with them today.

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments