Saturday 16 May 2020

Busy Bumble

Back a little sore today, so just a two hour walk from one end of town to the other, starting in the middle.

Weather could never make up its mind whether to be warm or cool, I ended up trundling around in shorts and a jacket, trying to avoid idiots and getting very stressed and upset in Asda because they'd let too many people in without screening them for common sense at the door.

But there were nice things, like the beautiful male blackcap I saw in the mini wetland next to the River Devon. No badly blown flute song from him today, just a good view of him hanging from a reed like a blue tit. The chiff chaff filled in the silence with its own song in the trees above. An old man drove his motability scooter through the wood.

All the nest boxes seem to have happy occupants.

The catmint is out in the mini sconce, and on the deep purple allium a red tailed bumblebee worker fed, enabling me to get my first decent photo of this species this spring.

I'm feeling very lazy. Sorry.


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