Wednesday 20 May 2020

To Barnby by Bicycle

Not as exciting as "Across the Andes by Frog" sadly, but still a nice gentle ride out of about 4 miles on a very hot day - as if any of you needed telling that about the weather.

I wanted to see if the house covered in house martin nests was still providing a home for them - sadly not. I think some people view these birds as vermin and like to deter them, which is rather sad.

Still saw a few flying over Barnby, there's plenty of farm buildings in the area for them and the swallows.

I went down to the church, and then to the River Witham to see if I could see a lurking big pike, but no. Plenty of small fish though.

I've been running too, and listened to the baby great tits in the scorebox nestbox. They are very noisy!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 20.05.20


  1. Always amazed by your photos. The Martins nesting and others someone once told me it was their droppings they found offensive. When we were lucky enough to have them in a previous house we had a cat litter tray beneath. No problem at all.

  2. lovely photos! So sad about the house martins, some people are just ignorant. We have a favourite hotel near Dumfries that has swallows nesting in its front porch every year. They just clean up the droppings every day and all the guests seem to love the birds.

  3. Yes, there's no need to remove the nests if you take precautions