Tuesday 5 May 2020

Don't Have a Cow!

90 minute walk today, on a bright but slightly cool day. Pleasant enough, which was in marked contrast to what was going through my head today. Difficult day during this endless crisis that feels like it will never end.

Walked right the way to the end of town, cursing my Bush Pocket Dab radio which has terrible reception and atrocious battery life, which is really disappointing. The reviews were better than that.

The cows have re-appeared in the field down by the North Weir, but they were docile and didn't bother anyone, feeding on the grass and chewing cud under the trees. There was a lovely brimstone out flying by the Trent View new builds, bright yellow in the sun.

Looking back through my records I only have one good photograph of a brimstone, taken SIX years ago.

The main news of the day is that I've finally seen my first swift from my garden, slicing about the sky over Asda near where they have nest sites in the Victorian housing. When you see the first one, you see loads the next day, screaming about, and that is what I'm hoping.


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  1. Nice to see the cows out in the fields. I see very few swifts in the local area these days.

  2. Is that you growing out of the clematis?

  3. lovely photos of the cattle. Glad you've seen your first swift of the year! I've never seen a brimstone butterfly, they don't get as far north as Scotland as far as I know.