Tuesday 19 May 2020

Hirundine Fail

So, back out to Farndon today, hoping to take photographs of all the swallows, swifts and martins down by the river...

Only there weren't any - the feathery blighters had seen me coming and had totally cleared out; there wasn't a single bird to be seen at the weir apart from a cormorant and a little egret. Total disappointment.

However, the day was redeemed at Cottage Lane nature reserve, where at the pond by the bird hide, damselflies were out! Common blue and blue tailed damsels were flying about, being impossible to photograph as usual. They were even joined up in mating flights.

The damselflies must have decided en masse this was the day to appear, because there were banded demoiselles flying about next to the river, probably glad they weren't being eaten by swallows.

Still wondering what healthy food I can eat without it making me feel ill.


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