Tuesday 26 May 2020

What is this thing "Book"?

Took myself off to the cricket ground this afternoon, not for the purposes of running, or even walking - although I did a bit of that - but to actually lie in the sun and read.

I have hardly looked at a book in weeks, normally most of my reading is done quietly at the pub with a pint by my hand; no pub-going has thus resulted in no reading as I've been entertaining myself with online story telling in the form of various sci fi adaptions of Dungeons and Dragons.

Or watching a couple read "Dune" over several weeks.

Lockdown has turned me into a mega-nerd basically.

So today, I read the first 50 odd pages of a Stephen Baxter sci fi novel. I wish I'd chosen something a bit easier to get into!

The trick is now is to keep up with this habit over the upcoming weeks. I've missed books.


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  1. I see there's some optimism that cricket will restart soon, unbelievable that it now needs watering after the inundations it suffered during the winter. That last picture is a very suitable sky under which to read sci-fi.

  2. lovely photos!

    I've been reading a lot under lockdown. But i do miss the pubs....

  3. Love that last shot of the sky - did you lay down on the grass to take that? I love the variety of clouds and the light peaking through. Well done!