Thursday 21 May 2020

Heavy Saddlebags

Slight loss of motivation today; My walk was a bit shorter than it should have been and frankly included far too much lying in the sun at the cricket ground than is good from a fitness point of view. However, on the plus side I didn't leave a huge pile of rubbish behind me unlike the folk who have been sat drinking in groups on the Riverside Park.

Among younger folk here, social distancing has gone right out of the window. Although looking at the photos of idiots piled onto Southend beach, there's plenty of older folk being daft as well.

It was a huge mistake to allow folk to drive out to beauty spots, in my view.

Got some nice pictures of bumbles today, all from bushes on a new housing estate, and all of them carrying a heck of a lot of pollen. So I'm glad they had a more constructive day than me.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 21.05.20


  1. No opportunity for bees to lay about in the sun, though it is of course important to top up your Vit C.

  2. lovely photos of the bees with their pollen baskets stocked up

    up in Scotland we're not allowed to drive to beauty spots, it doesn't stop people congregating on the bach and ignoring social distancing though

  3. Those are interesting shots. I hadn't seen the bees piling up pollen like that. The flowers are so pretty too! Thanks!