Friday 8 May 2020

The Embankment Meadow

Flogged through myself the heat today to run 9.5km, albeit it with a cheeky sunbathing break in the middle at the cricket ground as my legs were getting a bit sore.

I'm slightly puzzled as to why I'm not seeing more insects about at the moment, conditions are perfect yet I barely saw a bee and only a couple of butterflies today. Wonder if we are in a natural calendar gap in species emergence?

The 6 local swfits are still doing their thing, but much higher up today, no level screaming runs for me to try and film.

Today's pictures come from the natural wildflower meadow on the flood bank by our cricket ground. It's a pretty sight at the moment.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 08.05.20


  1. I hope there's enough insects around for the swifts. Buttercups are looking superb at the moment

  2. what a beautiful selection of wildflowers. In general here, we feel we should be seeing more insects but some insects are more abundant than usual (specially St mark's flies!) and if you look up into the tree tops here there are loads of hoverflies (that won't come down lower so we can take their photos)

  3. Thank you all! A warmer and buzzier day today