Tuesday 12 May 2020

Just Balderton Lake

Having been in a typhoon of birds yesterday, I thought I'd take myself to local waters to see if there were any hirundines over the Blue Lake today, having been a fair few last time I looked.

It was a nice long walk, but did I see any swallows or martins? Did I heck, not a single one all the way round. No sign of any swifts overhead either.

So a blank was drawn, and even the mandarin duck had done something no-one else can and gone on holiday. So it was up to the mallards around the lake to add a bit of colour to a cool grey day.

I hope everyone is doing ok. I was, until halfway around my walk I heard the news and was reduced to that feeling of dread that this thing is never going to end.

I know I've sad that before on this blog, but it is a feeling that repeats, as I'm sure many of you know personally with reports stating that over 50% of us are having our mental health affected in some way by this crisis. It just seems endless.

One day at a time. All I can do.


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  1. Going outside really helps my mental state. As you do.

  2. I like that map of Balderton Lake.