Thursday 7 May 2020

Goddess Mario Kart

Out to Kelham this afternoon, for a look at the hall, and to see what flowers are growing there at this time of the year. It's famous for snowdrops in Winter, but I'd never really looked at a different time of the year before.

There weren't actually all that many flowers; however there was a Greek goddess wearing a Super Mario cap for reasons that aren't totally clear. I don't know if it is an important element of ensuring a fruitful harvest; if it is I hope it works.

Perhaps it helps her collect magic mushrooms and power ups when out an about in a chariot.

It was a good two hour walk, lots of life fluttering about the hawthorn hedgerows, mainly whites and orange tips. When I found my way onto a dusty farm track, small tortoiseshells and peacocks were out drinking up the sun. Most of these species by now are in a very tatty condition, but hopefully they have done their job and managed to breed for the July second flight.

I listened to music, no-where near anyone at time, still wondering how you can enjoy a walk in the middle of an apocalypse.

The fact is, you have to try.


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  1. It was lovely to see Kelham Si - so thank you for that. Many many years ago my first husband and I had a friend who trained for the Priesthood there. I know it is no longer connected with the Priesthood and I notice picnic tables on the lawn - what is it used for now?

  2. Thank you both! Kelham Hall now a glorified campsite basically