Friday 15 May 2020

Back to Beacon Hill Reserve

Just back in from speaking to my sister on the phone while watching the neighbourhood pipistrelle do its amazing thing in the twilight outside, reflecting on both our days where neither of us did very much.

Well, that's probably harsh, my sister has been painting, I went out for two hours although most of that was a rather irritable visit to boots to pick up a prescription that they messed up a bit. I went up to Beacon Hill Reserve to take in the views - oddly a section of woods has been turned into a mini mountain bike park - but not seen many buzzers or flutterers.

So, I've done my washing too - easy, you'd think, but no, in lockdown I'm doing it by hand.

All the white things I owned are now a bit grey, no matter how much washerwoman scrubbing I do. I'm not going to sit in the town's one launderette in these circumstances, and no way am I using the outdoor launderette at Morrisons.

Then I washed up, including the bottle of gin I'd bought. It's all glam here.


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