Saturday 2 May 2020

Buttercup Fields

Feeling a bit chubby today, probably for no reason, so it was decided to get myself running in the interest of not being chubby, which I'm probably not.

Ran 9km in the end, up to the rugby club, round the cricket ground a few times, and then home. Trying to to get too downhearted as I did so.

It does help, getting out there. It's reading the news that is doing for me.

The buttercups are emerging in the pasture fields, turning them steadily more and more yellow with every passing day. Always reminds me of the old "Buttercups" cough medicine adverts.

Plenty of other wild flowers to see, but again, not too many insects although I did see an orange tip male patrolling a roadside verge. Hopefully he met the female I found fluttering on the other side of the road.


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