Monday 25 May 2020

Cricket Returns to our Ground

I feel I've had a less wasted day today, with a double chunk of walking and running in the sun today, meaning I've been trundling about for about three hours today one way or another.

Under ECB guidance, we can now practice at cricket nets in a socially distanced and supervised fashion, and one of our main cricketing families took advantage of that to have a hit around. It may be that we can have matches of a sort later in the summer; hopefully this will be the case even if they are only friendly matches.

At the entrace of our ground is a late blossoming bush that is very pungent and attracting no end of flies, and a few bees too. I've just come in from watching the swifts screeching around my flat, with a low flying squadron of 4 being escorted by a top cover of another 4.

So, a few hours left of the day, I hope I can use the, wisely.


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  1. When I used to bowl the fielders were always socially distanced around the boundary.