Monday 1 June 2020

30 Days Wild

Every year, we are challenged to take part in 30 Days Wild and get out there and be active in the great outdoors, and see what we might see.

Of course, I have been out, a two hour walk along the river and back to Sconce Park. I heard chiff chaffs in the bushes on the marina stretch, which is a new find for me in this part of the town, and got a good view of sand martin flying out from its nest hole near The Barge pub. Three black headed gulls were dabbing at the river for small fish or insects, but compared to a tern they do look rather clumsy hunters.

Football coaching seems to have reappeared on the park, and the kites are flying over the now scorched grass. I worry about the social distancing I see and hope that the idea the virus spreads less easily outside than in.

Lots of bees around today on richly flowering brambles, and ceonothus is as ever popular with tree bumblebees.

The weather is due to break. Let's see what happens.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 01.06.20


  1. Plenty for bees. Recently bought a Ceanothus but its struggling....

  2. Yes my folk's one isn't doing well either

  3. What a wonderful set of bee photos, Si. Thank you for commenting on my post. A cloudier day here today... Our Ceanothus has done well this year, but the number of bees on it wasn't great.

  4. Great pollen baskets on the first bee in your photos!