Friday 12 June 2020

Well, that's a New One to me

I was out walking this afternoon when a rather strange thing happened.

I was walking across Riverside Park, when I heard the clip-clop of a trotting horse behind me. Not uncommon in this town, as we have a few tiny little pony and traps that gad about town. And that is what I thought it was, until I turned round.

It turned out to be on a man riding a bicycle leading a horse by the reigns, as the horse gaily cantered along to keep up.

That was a new sight to see in this only occasionally slightly bizarre town.

Before that, I had seen two people on inflatable canoes on the Trent for the first time. 

In other news I hate the new blogger interface but I have to use it to enter photos, which I then have to manually edit the html for in the old version or else my pics look low res. Adding labels doesn't work either.


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  1. What an odd sight to see the horse being led, perhaps he needed exercising but couldn't be ridden for some reason. We live on the outskirts of a small town and often have horses go by.. the other day I could see the bobbing head of someone so moved to the window to get a view of the horse and to my surprise it was a msn on stilts!

  2. There were 5 ponies and carts out on a local street today!

  3. Funny to see the guy leading the horse like that!

    I don't like the new blogger interface either,