Monday 8 June 2020

Back over the 10km Mark

I had a rather lazy uninspired day today until after 6pm, where I shook myself up, stretched my legs, and headed out running with no clear direction in mind.

I ended up running to the far end of Farndon and back in the full length of the river reach. I haven't run this way in so long, and frankly I imagine it's spent a lot of recent time flooded.

The fields are full of crops, used to be a lot of maize grown round here, looks like they are now growing some sort of root vegetable. Which is how I felt after my run.

It turned out that I had run over 10km for the first time in a longish while, in an hour and four which isn't too bad. But I was pretty damn tired afterwards.

I don't have a lot to show you, as I didn't see a lot and I was concentrating more on having a good run. Again, it's a dull day and not much was flying, apart from two hang-gliders I've just seen going over my flat.


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