Thursday 25 June 2020

An Avian Murder

Off to the cricket ground for a walk, and a talk with our groundsman about the prospects for cricket, and how we might be able to play. Lots of gloves and ball sanitiser seems to be the general consensus with only local friendly fixtures played.

Hopefully I will field where the ball never comes, although I will have to bowl!

The ground had a large area of sad down feathers, as well as a wing primary belonging to a pigeon. There was no body though.

I wonder who the culprit could be - cat? fox? sparrowhawk? Or had their been an initial predation, and then the body had been carried off by the nesting buzzards that live at the back of the ground, and I could hear keening?

At any rate, one less pigeon to eat the grass seed we've had to reseed the ground with because of the floods.

It has been incredibly hot, but I have sat in the garden, and had a two hour walk.

No run today, as I am not utterly insane.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 25.06.20


  1. One stuffed cat? Lovely photos. Do enjoy them.

  2. I love Birds' Foot Trefoil which seems especially prolific this year - especially in my front lawn. That's a good photo of it.

  3. Thank you, I'm too tired to blog tonight after a burning hot run this evening

  4. Such interesting photos! White feathers like flowers and an inscrutable cat. :)
    Is that a fig tree behind him? The hydrangea looks lovely.
    Yesterday's maximum here was 30 C, but now the weather is fortunately becoming cooler. Rain would be very much appreciated.