Wednesday 24 June 2020

Another Poppy Field

Just back in from a sharp 5km run in the deep twilight, and it is still bloody warm out there!

It was even hotter this afternoon when I walked out to Farndon to take in the sights. Down the lane, I encountered another poppy field, not as vivid as the other one I showed you, but still a nice sight, vivid on a bright day.

I visited Cottage Lane nature reserve in search of dragonflies, and was not disappointed! Big hawkers were flying around, and over the ponds, 4 spotted chasers were launching patrols from their watching posts on the reeds. However, the presence of a courting couple prevented me from trying to take photographs.

In the lane itself, a big migrant or southern hawker checked me out, flying around me in circles. Wonderful creatures are these, purposeful, menacing flyers. The wind ruined my photo of a scarlet tiger moth.

Another meadow, and lots of meadow browns and small skippers amongst the purple knapweed, while a flock of house martins hunted over the overgrown grasses. The swan family were on the river, passed by the odd sight of a working tug towing a wrecked cruiser alongside.

Speaking of wrecked, I am not, and I have the flashes of an ocular migraine before my eyes!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 24.06.20


  1. Those poppy fields are beautiful - I wonder if it is the crop of the future.

  2. beautiful poppies and great to read you're seeing so many dragonflies