Thursday 11 June 2020

Geese Fleets

I am not long back from an extremely wet evening walk. A bit of warm sun earlier in the day raised hope, but it was soon snuffed out by scudding black clouds that have kept depositing their wet contents on us all day.

But, I needed to be out, and so I got a waterproof jacket on - rather negated by the fact I was wearing shorts - and headed out for the two lakes.

I may not have been enjoying the weather too much, but the local waterfowl were. There were big fleets of grey lag and canada geese all over The Blue Lake, more than I've seen in a while actually.

They must be feeling sociable. Well, unlike us, they can.

It's very noticeable how a lack of cutting along the cycle track has made it seem lovely and wild down there, with more flowers on the embankments than ever before. I hope this is the new normal as far as maintenance is concerned.

I don't feel I'm writing very well at the moment, so must apologise for that. This wet weather just seems to have shut me down a bit.


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