Friday 5 June 2020

Well that got Cold Quick

I am now sat here typing this with my little halogen heater on, in June, as the north wind has gotten up and a cold sky has cleared. I went for a walk this evening and felt that I needed another 3 layers on.

I've been around the lake, had a little walk around the library gardens, and taken loads of not very good photos of bees, ruined by the wind. I did get a couple of acceptable ones though, as they fed off some sort of catmint.

Around the lake, patrols have been introduced to try and stop the kids assembling; instead they are now congregating down by Lidl.

Onto the exercise bike now, having just eaten a sausage sandwich. For the second time today.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 05.06.20


  1. Love thatmoon shot and the ox eye daisies.

  2. Ace photos. I have those daisies didnt know what they were. Thanks Weave.

  3. A bit of a shock to the system, that sudden change in the weather. Nice photos.

  4. It's a sun shot, it's how the exposure on the mobile phone works, it gets crazy sometimes!