Tuesday 2 June 2020

Beacon Hill Nature Reserve

Today's 30 Days Wild took me running up to Beacon Hill Nature reserve, which made me feel really good until I got home and ate far too much.

I went the Clay Lane way, which meant awkward footsteps on the baked mud, and a lot of speckled woods fluttering about.

"Fluttering" and "Flitting" - I need more words to describe the flight of butterflies. Maybe get some kind of insect thesaurus. Nature writing can be hard sometimes, especially in the midst of a crisis which overwhelms the brain sometimes. I've said before it is easy to fall into a trap of being all "majestic" "dazzling" "wonderful" "beautiful" etc about stuff.

Food guilt. I have developed a habit of not eating at all during the day, then pigging out in the evening after nipping to the Asda round the corner. Luckily corona paranoia stops me snacking too much as it involves a lot of handwashing and stress.

And with that, I'm going to wash today's shopping. Paranoid, moi?


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  1. Lovely places. Not good to pig out but you can still walk and run and see!

  2. My weakness is hot buttered toast Si. And no - you are not being paranoid - just sensible.

  3. You are being sensible...have a snack occasionally though Si. ;-)