Saturday 6 June 2020

Not a Good Day for Buzzers

Just back in from an evening 7km run, where conditions have now stabilised after a windy day of sharp showers on occasion.

Certainly when I went on my early afternoon walk, and had a look at a little wild garden next to the church, a number of bumblebees were not enjoying conditions as they fed off foxglove. A couple of them were barely moving as they fed.

I was regretting not having any access to bee rescue kit, but when I checked back on them they had recovered enough strength to fly off.

My run this evening was hampered by the fact that because I've dropped a little weight, my tracksuit bottoms were falling down. But I got round dignity intact.

And unexposed.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 06.06.20


  1. If I were a bee I think I'd shelter inside one of those foxgloves till the rain left off!

  2. lovely foxgloves, I'm sure bees love them

  3. Beautiful photos to cheer us, Si, on a damp w/e in lockdown! Do you have sugar and water or something more elaborate in a bee rescue kit?

  4. I love the Foxgloves, with essence to the Bees.