Tuesday 23 June 2020

Rainbow Making Machine

I did some magical tinkering on a sprinkler at our cricket ground to make it paint rainbows in the air.

It seems to have worked.

We have had a really hot day, and this enabled me to have a nice long read outside, a piece of fun, but inconsequential ancient Roman detective novel. As soon as the library re-opens I will be in there like a shot, as it is going to be a while before I go back into the office.

Although I don't see me going into any other shops just yet. Or the pubs when they open.

Fishing seems to be a safe and popular activity round here at the moment; now the season has opened, anglers are back, with tents and caravans all over the Millgate island. I used to try and fish; cruelty was not an issue as I never caught anything.

A bit like Fungus the Bogeyman, if you've ever read that Raymond Briggs book!


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  1. I'll not be off to the shops or pubs either as none of the governments new guidelines make any sense at all to me. All I can say about fishing is that I did it once - that's all you need to know!

  2. John, I too am going to be very careful