Sunday 7 June 2020

Another Cold Day for Bees

Well, this mini autumn continues, and it's been easier to stay in than go out.

That being said, I still went out for a 90 minute walk up and down the river, again feeling the cold.

I despaired of seeing anything, but on this 7th day of 30 Days Wild I was able to find a few hardier bumblebees feeding off bramble, which is greatly abundant in places along the river.

I did a movie quiz this evening online on twitch, coming 18th out of 425. Got to keep ourselves entertained during these times!


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  1. I keep thinking that if we had a spell like this in the middle of winter we'd be out enjoying it. If I'd entered the quiz I'd have been 426th, I know nothing about films at all.

  2. Lovely to see the bees braving the colder weather.