Wednesday 3 June 2020

Life in the Wet

The town market has reopened today, and there have been a few stalls in operation. For the first time in a while, the bellow of a tradesman offering "Two packets of strawberries THREE POOUU-UUUNDS" echoing round the town centre for the first time in heaven knows how long.

There were flower stalls, watches, and for all your lockdown needs a handbag stall. One can never have too many handbags during a pandemic.

My garden plants have mostly survived the winter with varying degrees of success. I have a beautiful geranium again, begonias coming back into flower, and a fern that survived. The lavender is a bit limp though, and the salvia and verbena have gone to the great garden in the sky I fear.

It has mizzled all day, which meant my evening walk was slightly short, but at least undisturbed, with no crowds of folk in the park unlike the last few days. We needed this rain to stop folk going to the beaches which I still believe was madness to allow.

Ah well. What can I do? At least I had a lovely view of a common tern flying downriver past the castle.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 03.06.20


  1. I agree it is worrying all this opening up in England. Bit more restrained here in Scotland. The market didnt look busy such a shame for the traders.

  2. lovely photos. Hope people start shopping at the market soon.

    We certainly need the rain.

  3. We certainly need the rain and hopefully the cooler weather will keep those people away from the beaches. The market looks deserted. Shame for the traders.

  4. It will possibly be livelier on SAturday