Saturday 27 June 2020

Two Very Different Runs

I don't usually manage two runs in two consecutive days, but yesterday and today I managed 7km runs, but oh boy, they were completed in very different circumstances.

Today, I was a bit stiff and sore, but managed 7km up and down the river fairly easily. The pace was slow, but there was a strong headwind for a big chunk of the route, and that took the pace down a lot.

Yesterday, oh boy that was a very different story. We never had the arrival of rain and thunderstorms to breakdown the heat, although a couple of black clouds did rumble over. By the time I set off on my run at 7pm it was still warm, but I thought I bearable.

I was wrong. After a km the sun came out, and the heat and humidity was blistering. Despite this, I ran 4km in good time, across the Middlebrook fields, but as soon as I hit a rough incline up where the poppies have stopped blooming, I suddenly felt totally drained and my legs nearly went out from under me and I could only stumble up the rest of the hill, before half walking half jogging home.

I was ok in the end, but it taught me a lesson not to be so daft.

Town town today has been the liveliest I've seen it in weeks - there was even a band playing with couples dancing.

I don't think things are as normal as that, not by a long way.


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  1. No butterflies, no bees, no flowers - just Newark dancing today. And take it easy on very hot and humid days and don't be daft.

  2. No need to worry about high temps for a few days!