Saturday 13 June 2020

Have I Found Orchids?

Today has felt like a much more positive day, with some pleasant conversations out on the streets and the cricket ground. It could even have been a normal day. Although, as we know, these are not normal times in all sorts of ways.

I've been up to Beacon Hill reserve today, taking the back way up clay line and up the hill which looked almost alpine, it had so many flowers on it. The bramble bushes were busy with bees, although my photos are slightly disappointing. The autofocus on my Moto G7 plus can be a bit twitchy, it only really works if there is a decent sized backdrop.

It was in the reserve itself that I had my big treat of the day, potentially. Of the path in the nursery part of Beacon Hill Park - the entrance of which now boasts an Extinction Rebellion cardboard placard - two purple flowers were growing, of a type I've never seen in the park before.

I thought straightaway that they were orchids, as the flowers were blooming on a spike, but I've been fooled by woundwort before. They maybe common spotted orchids, a species I've never seen before, but am awaiting confirmation.

I had a shorter walk this evening. It was beautiful.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 13.06.20


  1. Definitely an orchid, probably a Marsh Orchid, most likely a Southern Marsh Orchid. Common Spotted Orchid has dark spots on the leaves. When photographing Orchids that you want to identify later, try to get a photo showing the leaves clearly and also one at such an angle that it clearly shows one of the individual flowers. Even then you'll get some that you're just not sure about, probably hybrids between different forms. Nice find.

  2. Lovely photos and definitely orchids, but not common spotted!

  3. I agree withJohn - most likely a Marsh Orchid - we had one or two on the farm and kept a look out for them every year.

  4. Thanks! Local Widlife Trust reckoned Southern Marsh as well. Hopefully it's a new species for the reserve