Saturday 7 July 2018

Where Cricket played Football and Lost

Today's cricket schedule was thrown into mayhem by the England football's sudden regainment of their ability to play football, and their thus having to play it smack in the middle of our Saturday games.

A few games got cancelled, a few carried  on regardless, but most adopted new formats and start times. Including our trip to Whatton and Aslockton - major landmark, a sex  offender prison - where we found ourselves barely awake at 10am on an already brazing summer day.

We bowled first, when frankly I wanted to rest and stretch and loosen up with my new stretching techniques, but no we were out there straight away. Nothing major went amiss at first, we bowled ok, but after I knocked over the second  opener, a couple of dangerous hitters came in, and the run rane began to increase.

Not helped my me bowling a few extras. Wides, always a problem, sometimes my body just throws itself out of alignment at the moment of delivery, but no balls is new this year. I think the issue is the endless stiffness and muscle trouble in my legs this year, I never quite know how I'm going to  run in until I do. Perhaps I tic when I bowl.

This rather infuriates my captain, or certainly it did today. However, I didn't go for many runs off the bat, and beat the bat so many times. I am having a frustrating season. I just can't take more than one bloody wicket. No edge goes to hand, any 4s off me are edges. Grrrr. I want 5 fors and to feel good.

So, the opposition slowly got away from us to get to 166 of 32 overs, which always felt like too many, and our batting didn't fire, especially against a young bowler who got the ball to swing. I battled hard and still got out  for zero to a good delivery from him. We were all out for 76 and quite relieved to get out of the heat.

Cricket never gets any easier.


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