Tuesday 10 July 2018

I Bought the Guy a Drink

I, like many people, have been  worried about our wildlife i this hot weather, and I was walking home last night thinking that I hadn't seen a hedgehog for a while.

The South Parade Park is looking very brown and scorched at the moment, and not exactly looking like it is alive with juicy slugs and worms. In my own garden area I've heard a lot  of snuffling and rustling in the undergrowth  lately, but not actually seen anything prickly until last night.

This young character was scuttling alongthe drive.

I immediately got a bowl of water and left it out for him, hoping he'd find some solid food as well.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 10.07.18


  1. Si I guess that lack of water will be a real killer to wildlife in a lot of places so pleased to hear of your kindness to that hedgehog. I wonder if there is any food we can put out for them. I shall go and Google it now.

  2. Cat or dog meat based wet food. Sunflower seeds. Nuts. Definitely not milk.

  3. Lucky you. I've not seen one for a long time. I expect they've all been squashed by our millions of cars and trucks by now.

  4. I've seen one here every day for 3 days now, I've put out water and catfood, the ground is so hard and dry there are no worms or slugs