Monday 23 July 2018

Too Hot to do Much

I went shopping at  11am, and then immediately followed Met Office "Protect and Survive" style advice to stay indoors until 3pm.

Even though I hadn't heard it at the time. I was just dog tired and happy to lie and watch the sci fi movie "Dune" semi conscious.

I did get out at 3pm for a walk to the park - which is now entirely the colour of straw - and along the river, checking the buddleia I found along the way for butterflies.

The days where every such plant would have about 30 peacocks on them are gone. I've seen about 2 all summer. Plenty of whites fluttering about, but there's not so many of the "colourful" species.


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  1. That poor pony, did it have water? We didnt have the warning in NE Scotland but it was still 25 degrees which is going it for up here. Usually minus 14 - well in winter.

  2. Mainly "whites" here too Simon. Only seeing the occasional Peacock and Red Admiral and I haven't seen one Small Tortoishell or Painted Lady :(

  3. Another area here with scores of Cabbage Whites and very few others.
    I have Dune on DVD and watch it from time to time.
    Yesterday your mention of a hurdy gurdy man reminded me of the song by Ronnie Barker and now I can't get it out of my head.

  4. Thank you all, it has evidently been a poor year for many species. Very disappointing.


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