Monday 9 July 2018

Nothing But Flowers

Just realised that is the title of a very good Talking Heads song from their last album. Which I have just listened to. So there.

Nothing is what I've done  today. Regular readers  will know I often get very very tired and listless onMondays, and so it was today. I had no energy,  not even enough to change the DVD which just burbled away on the menu screen for ever and ever.

I listlessly tidied up and did  one or two things, and the shopping in a busy Asda was a nightmare. Too many people for my taste.

So I spent a fair chunk of the day in the garden, watering my pets again after the sun storms - ironically a rather cooler day today - watching the large whites and second  flight holly blues go about their business, and admiring the Polish flowers next door, which are stunning.

But alas she grows no pollinator friendly plants!


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