Monday 16 July 2018

An Archaeological Revelation

I noticed during my trip through Sconce Park yesterday that in dip between Rumbles and the Earthwork itself, a serious of what looked like 10 metre long scorch marks had appeared on the grass.

Now I know that all manner of hidden archaeological treasures have turned up during this hot spell, but I assumed that these brown, burnt looking streaks were probably exactly that; the results of the local idiot vandals burning things. But no, the park sent a drone up yesterday to take photographs, and historical features is indeed what they are.

Sconce Park has had so many uses over the years - Civil War fort, industrial site complete with  mineral railway, prisoner of war camp - that these lines could be absolutely anything. Drainage related  the most obvious function, but who knows.

It is nice having our own version of the Nazca Lines in town. My pics don't show them as well as a drone shot, but I hope you can get an idea.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 16.07.18


  1. I was reading yesterday about new archaeological sites being discovered this way during the heat wave / drought conditions.

  2. Fascinating :) Like John above I was reading about the same thing on the BBC Website.

  3. Thank you,I await to see what this investigation will reveal