Tuesday 3 July 2018

Sibthorpe by Bicycle

I haven't had a run out on the bicycle for a fair old while, and I didn't want to waste a lovely day JUST gardening, although I sheared down the dead cow parsley at the back of the driveway and took out some of the more lethal looking clusters of nettles.

I needed a bit more freedom and fresh air than that, so off I went on my bicycle to see the strange storehouse at Sibthorpe, the round building like a Mycenean Tholos tomb above ground. It sits next to the small, shallow River Smite, whose banks were well populated with glittering banded demoiselles.

Various butterflies flitted about; large whites, small torts, the odd comma. No-one was stopping to chat.

I carried on the road round to Elston, to the windmill house, and saw a beautifully floral wall in Thorpe. All the time realising that I'd forgotten to bring a drink and that my mouth made a desert seem wet.

Fool. But a nice 30km anyway.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 03.07.18


  1. I don't know Sibthorpe at all Si. I shall go and find it on the map right now.

  2. lovely photos. Always take water with you on a walk / cycle ride in this weather!

  3. I know, major mega brain fade there! WEll, nice to be outside

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