Friday 27 July 2018

Finally Water Falls from the Skies

It was very welcome, but it started when I was riding my bike home. It actually felt very nice, but the  occasional big drop down the small of my bike made me shudder and thus wobble rather alarmingly.

The smell of wet earth was very noticeable immediately. Apparently it's produced by bacteria in the soil, and we evolved to be super-sensitive to it in the far past, perhaps to help us find water.

Hopefully the local hedgehogs will be able to eat and drink well tonight. I've been good at putting water out, and certainly someone's been drinking it, but the local birds are the most likely substitutes.

I do hope, however, I get to play cricket at Newstead Abby tomorrow.


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  1. So hoping for rain today here - only a small shower though so far. There is an interesting article on BBC News Science section on the smell of the earth etc. after rain if you haven't seen it.