Thursday 19 July 2018

First Small Copper in Ages

Nice to come across a beautiful example of  a small copper today as I walked between our two buildings.

I haven't seen one in a couple of years! They seem to like perching on grasses, and this character was quite happy to sit here and bask for several minutes. Looks absolutely fresh out of the packet too, I wonder if this is a second  flight specimen?

I love keeping my eyes open and seeing these things!



  1. No, I haven't spotted any lately either. Nice photos.

  2. Great photos of the Small Copper. I am lucky if I see one or two a year - they don't seem that common round here.

  3. beautiful photos of one of my favourite butterflies, I've only seen one so far this year and they seem to have disappeared from what used to be their favourite place in Edinburgh

  4. Great article..I am looking so forward to your blogcomment and
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