Sunday 15 July 2018

Butterfly Hunting

No cricket match today - too many people wanted to watch the World Cup final although I can't say I was all that  interested in it. Such a lovely day too, would have loved another game this  weekend.

To make up for it, I have had a couple of walks today, a shorter one around the very arid looking Sconce Park before stopping at Rumbles for a cup of tea. The second one took me to Beacon Hill park to look for butterflies on the incredibly rampant buddleiah that has made the "butterfly park" inaccessible.

Good to see a second flight brimstone today, I have missed their citrine flutterings.

Not many peacocks these days, a few years ago you'd see every purple flower covered in them, only a couple today. Not many in Spring either. Chris  Packham is right.

Nature is buggered.


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  1. Would you not expect the Buddleia to be smothered in butterflies?

  2. Always the way - when you hit top form in cricket there's no outlet for your talents. Particularly poor year for butterflies down here too so far this year.

  3. Thanks John, top form lol! No, the butterflies just aren't around