Monday 30 July 2018

The Flutterers are less Tired than I

I've had a very busy weekend, as you know, and with the weather getting dryer and warmer again I was hoping to have a nice me sort of day, getting some more intense exercise as I'm feeling very flabby this week.

I went into town, did my food shopping, and picked up "Labyrinth" for a pound at the DVD stall on the market. I then went through the library gardens, admired how busy with bumbles the lavender was. The large whites also loved it.

A new bush has come into flower lining the bowling green, and this one is very popular with bees and holly blues. They don't settle much, holly blues, but when they do they do tend to feed at leisure enabling you to get a shot.

So, I went home, had some halloumi for lunch and stuck Labyrinth on. And promptly fell asleep for 3 hours, mind invaded by cavorting muppets and the Bog of Eternal Stench.

I was shattered. Still feel shattered now, but early on I was immobile!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 30.07.18


  1. Snap Si. I had a bad night last night and fell asleep late afternoon and slept for an hour.

  2. First Painted Lady spotted here yesterday, heading north so may be with you soon.

  3. Thanks John, I'll keep my eyes open!

  4. Beautiful Holly Blue butterfly, they are my favourite.

  5. I am not sleeping well with the hot weather although thankfully a bit cooler now! Love the Holly Blue photos.