Sunday 29 July 2018

Helicopter Funs

No cricket for me today, and even if I hadn't been working at our rather large works summer fete, it was  rained  off anyway so no loss.

It really is a large event, and on a personal level it involves a lot of social interaction both one to one and one to many and so I find it totally exhausting on top of what was already a long day.

But it went well, which was very gratifying, and one of the highlights was the landing of the local Air Ambulance helicopter, whom we support.

I've never been close to a helicopter landing before, and the noise was a grinding road, the downdraft sufficient to blow a sign onto my legs.

After it had gone just as dramatically, I saw a swallow swoop along the same tarmac with barely a sound. They still win, do the birds.

Apart from at taking people to hospital.


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