Wednesday 25 July 2018

A Sneaky Silver Y

I was watering my plants this evening when I returned from work, when I noticed that I had flushed some mothly flutterings flushed from the lavender.

It skuttered off low above the straw dead grass, before alighting under a leaf on the back of a Polish planter next door.

I very carefully approached, stealthy as a bison as usual, and managed to get a not terribly good shot of the moth. You can see why it is called a "Silver Y". Mostly they are seen hovering about like mad things feeding in the day, and are a late summer species. This one was was obviously heading for bed.

As I should but never do.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 25.07.18


  1. Great moth.

    Have not seen so many this year.

  2. It's not been a great summer for fluttering creatures

  3. I’ve seen a few here this summer but nothing that tops the evening a couple of years ago when there were 40-50 on the nepeta after dusk. You did very well to get the photo, a blur of wings is all I normally see :o).