Wednesday 1 June 2016

The Little Polish Garden

With the warming of the weather - well, it did for a couple of days - the industrious Polish couple who live next door to me have been busy outside. He works endlessly on his black German MZ motorcycle, which for all his banging I've never actually seen move yet, while she gets on with her garden.

Like mine, their garden is tiny, the size typically described as "postage stamp". Yet while I leave mine to its own devices, she has been out there constantly, accompanied by Falco the golden labrador puppy who makes himself useful by holding canes in his mouth, digging large holes under my fence, and trying to knock me off my bicycle when I say hello to him.

He is rather lively.

While last year she just had a lot of plants on the go, this year she's been a bit more methodical and made a lovely little spot - and yes, I remember they hacked down my buddleia - complete with a bee hotel and some kind of vegetable growing effort by the look of things. There's a lot of clematis, and I really hope she's put some flowers in that bees and butterflies will enjoy.

Once again, these are the people that some want to kick out of the country, many of whom seem to live in houses with nothing but broken sofas and old fridges in their gardens. Ugh.


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  1. Has your buddleia completely disappeared Si? Because I read somewhere only this week that you need to be giving it a good cut back when it finishes flowering because it flowers on new wood.
    One of our local hostelries - a very good eating place- is completely staffed by Eastern Europeans. The service, the friendliness and the food are excellent.

  2. Well it was cut back, doesn't seem to be regrowing all that quickly! I have a lot of Eastern European colleagues at work, and most of them read and write our language better than the locals, which is shameful.