Sunday 5 June 2016

The Bee Rescuer Rescues Bees Again

The frustration of spending my four days off under cold grey skies, only to see the clouds lift and the sun come out just as I start back.

All together now. "Grrrrrrrr".

Hence, the necessity of getting out in the evening for a walk, a walk under blue skies extending to the end of the universe, and under swifts circling manically and dangerously amongst the chimney pots on Millgate. The flocks over Newark are currently 15-20 strong, more than there has been for many years.

I would imagine it's been a good day for butterflies and bees too, although by the time I got out walking there weren't many about, only the odd white fluttering by.

I did manage to get a spot of bee rescuing done again. I found a little tree bumblebee worker stranded on my path, rather livelier than the the red tailed queen I rescued, and was able to move it to safety, and hopefully nourishment, amongst the Polish flowerbeds.

I can only hope I picked the right blooms.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 05.06.16

In the palm of my hand

Set down in the flowers

Different view of the Sconce

Buttercups by the river





  1. Love that sunny shot over the river Simon and all of those buttercups. Great shots of the bees as well! - Tasha

  2. Beautiful evening walk. Lovely bee too. They are working so hard at the mo.

  3. Rescuing bees - I like that. When the weather is good they do tend to work themselves into the ground, so I am sure it appreciated your help. Nice to see that church spire - years since i passed that way.

  4. Thank you everyone, just hope I helped the tired little thing.

  5. Roe deer Simon, in answer to your question on my blog. And I have once seen a muntjac.