Friday 10 June 2016

In the Garden

Today has been an utter, utter, total, utter, washout.

It really has been filthy, and after a ten mile run and two hours of bowling flat out in the cricket nets last night I didn't want to go running in the wet. So my 30 Days Wild Activity has been confined to watching pigeons huddling in ruined buildings, keeping out of the downpours and watching the lightning flash.

Luckily the oldsters' garden is in good nick, with lots of early bumblebees particularly attracted to the blue flowers. They have bumbles nesting in the brickwork this year, and I was overjoyed to notice that the tree bumbles are back in my roof too, although in a slightly different place.

Cricket tomorrow. I couldn't find a pair of spikes in town today, so will be slipping around like an idiot. At least it's in Hoveringham, where the ground backs onto a pub where you can buy pints from at a back hatch when you are fielding at Long On.

I doubt I'd bowl any worse than last week tipsy.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 10.06.16


  1. It has been a disgusting day here too Si.
    I have that yellow leaved shrub with star-like white flowers in my garden too. Wish
    I knew what it was.

  2. Great to see the gradual increase in Summer colours.

  3. I've no idea what most of these plants are! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Beautiful images Simon, and, I hope that cricket game is still on, RAIN.