Wednesday 8 June 2016

An Evening with the Poppies

After last years spectacular display by the poppies along the cycle path, I had figured that, well, that was that for that field. We had been told that last year's explosion of red was a one off, caused by a turnover of the soil in the winter, and it was if not quite a once in a lifetime event, then we had been damn fortunate to see such a sight in Newark.

Indeed, I had a had a little look in the direction of the field when I was out running the other day, and there didn't seem to be anything other than the usual patch of wasteland.

Then last night, someone told me that they were out again, so I couldn't wait to go out after work tonight and have a look for myself.

Disappointed that the sun had gone in somewhat, I had a first dose of colour when I encountered a running race on the cycle path, with the familiar figure of local multi-marathon runner Tango Holland in the lead. I apologetically crept along the verge, as a couple of hundred of neon clad runners clumped by on some kind of 5km odyssey.

And when I had passed them, I turned off the track, and found myself at the poppy field. I will leave you with the untouched images, in poor light, and say that there are still thousands of unopened blooms.

Tomorrow, if the sun is out, things may look even better!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 08.06.16


  1. Breathtaking, Si! It's made even more spectacular by the inclusion of all the daisies amongst them. Gorgeous!

  2. A stunning display - lovely too to see the other species among them :)

  3. And not just poppies Si. I love ox eye daisies. In fact the field seems to hold a veritable wealth of wild flowers. Lucky you to have something like that near you.

  4. Wonderful display Simon with the promise of more to come :-)

  5. Thank you so much! They looked even better under the bright sun today!

  6. Wonderful poppies! I'd love to see a field of them. We don't have that here.