Thursday 23 June 2016

Exercising my Sweaty Democratic Right

Well today was the big Referendum day, and I'll wager many of you are as sick of the whole thing as I am. But, believing what I do, not voting was never an option.

My preparation for voting was to take part in a two hour cricket session on a very low bouncing artificial surface with a prominent dog turd at short fine leg. The coach was feeling rather sadistic, making yours truly run the sweat right out of him when I batted, and exhorting me to hurl my bowling down like mediocre missiles.

My problems were exacerbated by the fact I was wearing a helmet for the very first time. It was like batting inside a Cyberman's helmet, inside a post box, and about as hot too. I bat like I'm blind anyway, and I was as blind as a bat out there.

Shares in stump making companies rise through the roof when I stumble to the wicket.

At least I bowled OK, and wonder if there is a future for me in "death bowling" - not as bloody as it sounds.

From there to vote. Wonder how many other folk turned up to vote with a cricket bat.


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  1. Is this helmet thing the latest health and safety ruling or something Si?

  2. Nice way to have spent the day before voting and I think turning up with a cricket bat will only have served to bring some character to the polling stations! - Tasha

  3. It's my own health and safety regulation to stop the beauty of my face being marred