Saturday 11 June 2016

Pipits in the Poppies

Well, I never did get to play cricket and try out my re-modelled action today, as the weather this morning was terrible, and got worse as the afternoon wore on. Match called off at 11. So, I ended up watching Werewolf films while the rain blattered the window and made puddles for the collared doves to bathe in.

Eventually, the rain relented and I was able to get out running for a little while. I headed up to the poppy field to find the first of no doubt many photoshoots taking place there - a small child being encouraged to pose with a flower behind her ear by her parents.

Of rather more interest to me was the sight of meadow pipits engaging in their low hovering flight popping out of the poppies, before dropping back in like I'd seen them do in the ferns up on Ilkley Moor. I figure they were "mipits" because they weren't going up into high flight like a skylark, but I could be wrong.

Please let there be better weather tomorrow.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 11.06.16


  1. A stunning display .. nature at its best.

    Slightly better weather for you tomorrow Simon, if the forecast is correct!

  2. What a wonderful sight.

  3. Similar weather here Simon but didn't start until around four o'clock in the afternoon. That field is amazing. Here we had thousands of very small black flies - wonder if you had them too. I don't know whether pipits are fly eaters but if so then no wonder they were flying low over the field.

  4. Lovely images Si! Such beautiful colour, a pity they do not last throughout the summer!

  5. Hello
    fantastic images, such a sight you have to enjoy ..
    greetings frank

  6. What a glorious sight fields like this are in June.

  7. lovely photos, our poppies are nowhere near that beautiful (yet) this year. Always nice to see (and hear) meadow pipits

  8. Thanks so much, I'm hoping it gets better!

  9. A bit late to the comments box...those poppies really are an incredible sight, Si. It's one of the scenes you can stand in front of for hours just drinking it in!